Company Profile

Poland Israel Business Club is a business enterprise which was established in 1999 for business cooperation (in trade) between Poland and Israel.


The Establisher of the project is Mr. Alfred Klar, Polish citizenship and passport holder of the European Union, speaking the local language and has local business contacts.


The project deals with Representation of Israeli companies in the line of health, beauty and aesthetics products in Poland, finding potential markets for dynamic young companies, with innovative equipment and technologies.


The project includes the On-Line(P.I) Ltd., which is an international trade and marketing company, with options for far reaching markets.


The company focuses exclusively on products made in Israel, known by their highВ  technology, quality, reliability and service internationally.


On-Line(P.I) Ltd is a health, aesthetic and beauty trade and marketing company focused on the marketing of innovative and safe solutions that are effective, affordable, and suitable for everyone.


The company excels in high reliability for the customer, expressed in displaying products, quick delivery and customer service.


Poland Israel Business Club will welcome potential distributors for our products.


If you are interested to create any business relations with us you are welcome.