Depilator Epiflex Wet & Dry

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$ 125.00

Epilady EpiFlex Wet and Dry Epilator

  • Fully waterproof

  • The LED in the area of ​​hair removal 

  •  double head

  • dual engine

  • Only use wireless

  • It removes even the shortest hair, leaving skin smooth for up to 4-6 weeks

  • Dual Epilator Legs &  Body

EpiFlex extremely flexible makes a special technology that allows you to virtually heads "floated" on the skin and adjusting to the contours of the body. With this technology brings the best results in hair removal've seen so far!

With 112 rotating shields Epiflex can produce 112,000 revolutions per minute, which makes Epiflex najszybszbciej working, epilator ever created!

EpiFlex is battery depilatory wet / dry, equipped with our new dual-head, dual system of hair removal engine - the only one of its kind.

Although there are other depilatories double head of EpiFlex is the only one that offers two independent motors, which do not really one epilator with two heads, but two independent depilatories connected together.

Epilator works so that both heads operate at different speeds, in places such as transitions around the knees or other problem areas.

What's in the box?  


  • EpiFlex epilator

  • Precision head for hair removal,

  • Charger , 

  • Cleaning brush,

  • Case

  • User manual

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