Me My Elos Soft/Smooth/Touch Shaver Cartridge

New product

$ 39.00

Fits the Me My Elos Second generation models:

  • Me Smooth
  • Me Soft
  • Me Touch
  • Me Pro Ultra
  • HU-FG00501
  • FG70701

Making your Me My Elos a no preparation system Me is the only device in the market offering you an all-in-one solution!
Me My Elos shaver is an outstanding total body shaver for the enhancement of your Me My Elos experience.
When using the shaver you can enjoy an immediate all-in-one solution.
While gliding over your skin with the Me shaver and Elos you are permanently removing your hair while immediately shaving it leaving you soft and ready to go.
With the Me shaver, results are immediately visible with no preparations needed.

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