myFleaTrap Ecological Original Fleatrap for Dog Pet

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Eco-friendly and safe for children

  • myFleaTrapTM does not contain any chemicals and is environmentally friendly
  • Eco-friendly means to protect dogs and cats
  • The way to a clean and healthy home
  • a wireless device, lightweight and portable;
  • Special construction allows for capturing not only the fleas, but also larvae;
  • light emitted by the device attracts fleas within a radius of over 12 meters; the device is able to clean the room with fleas during the night.

Principle of operation

myFleaTrapTM operates under the patented methods of Kansas State University (No. 5,231,790) developed in the course of extensive laboratory tests. The intensity and color of lights and a scheme to turn on and off attracts insects and immobilizes them on a removable sheet coated with a special glue.

myFleaTrapTM placement device is designed for use in enclosed or partially enclosed roof.

  • trap attracts fleas within the room in which it was set;
  • It works best in the dark;
  • works effectively when it is placed przyścianie or in a corner and faces the interior of the room;
  • effective angle of light attracts insects is 160 degrees.
  • Tests conducted at Kansas State University
  • Tests conducted indoors, December 2006 .:
  • In comparison with three other traps fleas device myFleaTrapTM wyłapywało average of 87% of all captured fleas six replicate experiments for each pair of the appliances (myFleaTrapTM and one of the other).


Guest professionals

"90% of fleas nest in the carpet, myFleaTrapTM catches them all."

"It seems that myFleaTrapTM actually works even more effectively than in the lab. It's unbelievable - a device cleans the entire house grabbing thousands of fleas every day."

"This is definitely the best flea trap I've ever seen."

"We were surprised by the amount of fleas trapped in a trap."

Westham Innovations - ecological pest control company. The innovative concept of reducing the number of pests, developed by Westham Innovations, is to produce a special, environmentally safe insect traps. Employees Westham Innovations organic produce devices for trapping insects that are safe for you, your children, your pets and the environment.

KIT 2 refills, requires a battery 4 x AA additional contributions available on the other my listings


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