HairYes Soft Laser Comb for Scalp Treatment

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Medical Low Level Laser Light Therapy - 16 Laser Beams

  • Drug-Free System
  • Clinically tested
  • For the treatment of sculp problems
  • Proven Effectiveness in Treatment of Hair Loss and Skin disorders


Soft Laser Comb for Scalp Treatment
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The Latest unique treatment for Hair Loss and Sculp Therapy
A Revolutionary Self-Treatment of Hair Loss using Phototherapeutic Light Beam Technology.



  • For the treatment of hair loss330307-hairyes-man
  • For the treatment of sculp problems
    Proven Effectiveness in Treatment of Hair Loss and Skin disorders
    The HairYes LaserComb is a breakthrough Narrow Band Low Light Treatment System for the Home treatment of hair loss and sculp problems as dandruffs.Clinical and experimental reports indicate that phototherapy has a positive effect on the hair growth.
  •   Easy to use, any place, any time
  • Light weight and portable, HairYes can be used while watching TV, reading or just relaxing after a long day.
  • Using a narrow band low level light treatment, HairYes simple and safe enough for home use, enabling self-treatment on a daily basis at the time and place most convenient to the user.

Recommended illumination treatment:
Twice a day, 10 Minutes during each treatment area.

What in the box:
  • HairYes Laser Comb
  • Worldwide AC Power Adapter 110-240 Volts
  • User Manual/ Quick Start Guide
  • 2 Years Full Warranty

User’s Feedback:
I am very happy with the laser comb.
Within a month, my hair has thicken, new baby hairs are appearing, the length of my hair has increased, my hair is less oily and the scalp conditions that i faced.. severe dandruff is healing.
Thank you!!!


Important Features

  • Uses narrow band non-coherent light
  • Dispersed beam – far safer than concentrated-beam systems
  • Large treatment area
  • Continuous and pulse illumination capabilities
  • Powerful 18 mw output
  • Unit design focuses beam on treatment area

Modes of Operation

  • Continuous wave (CW) – for maximum total power
  • Pulse – short pulses of high power for maximum depth penetration

User Advantages

  • Proven efficiency as an adjunct to conventional therapy
  • Often effective in cases resistant to conventional therapy
  • Simple and safe enough for home use
  • Treatment is painless
  • Self-contained
  • No sensation of heat during treatment
  • Home treatment








Technical Specifications

Wavelength 630 nm
Beam area at focus 2 cm2

Continuous Wave (CW)

Total light Power 65 mW
Power density at focus 18 mW/cm2

Pulse wave

Total peak light power at focus< 210 mW
Peak power at focus (typical) 60 mW/cm2
Frequency (typical) 130 Hz
Duty ratio (typical) 10%
Total Average power at focus 21 mW


Power Requirements
Input voltage 100-240V AC
Line frequency 50-60 Hz

TheВ HairYesВ is a Class IIA photo-therapeutic medical device and complies with Annex VI of theВ Medical Device Directive93/42/EEC and is CE certified (CE 0473).

New! Hair Society Hosts First Hair Loss Laser ExpoВ 


The first-ever laser workshop for hair-loss professionals took place inВ San DiegoВ in April. Top medical experts, laser researchers and hair-loss specialists flew in to share their expertise with 40 privileged guests.Hosted by The National Hair Society, the purpose of this two-day event was to give participants a solid understanding ofВ low-level laserВ light therapy, its history, benefits and commercial applications.The laser workshop was privileged to have dermatologist Alex Khadavi, MD, a faculty member of the University of Southern California and creator of the Revivogen product line, explain the benefits ofВ low-levelВ laser lightВ therapyВ in conjunction with topical or oral hair regrowth medications.His company has conducted numerous studies not only on the effectiveness of Revivogen in halting hair loss, but the benefits of combining Revivogen with light therapy as well. He presented detailed findings explaining the process of hair miniaturization and the role of Revivogen and laser therapy in arresting, and even reversing, this process.В (read more)

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