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Hay Fever Nasal Allergy Light Therapy Device

  • Electronic Allergy Relief Device
  • Hay Fever Phototherapy Treatment
  • Clinically Proven
  • Drug Free
  • Super compact, lightweight and wireles
  • 5 minute treatment, 2-3 times a day

Bionette is the perfect solution to treat Allergic Rhinitis – Hay Fever symptoms safetly with no pain, no drugs and no side effects,
Bionette is a revolutionary device for personal use, for the treatment of allergies, using phototherapy treatment with light energy and a visible light source of red light.
Bionette  is based on natural healing treatment, so it has no effect on medications effectiveness, and therfore can be used in conjunction with other medications.

Bionette is the world’s unique electronic clinically proven wireless device that very effectively treats hay fever(Allery Rhinitis).

Bionette is a phototherapeutic medical device that harness the healing power of Low-Level Narrow Band(“LLNB”)red light.

This safe, compact, effective, and affordable device is based on the clinically proven fact that macrophages when exposed to 630 nm low level wavelengths, release factors which stimulate fibroblast proliferation and mediators of wound repair and inflammatory process healing. Aimed directly at the affected area of skin, the light(particularly 630 & 940 nm) penetrates painlessly and safely up to 1.5 cm into the soft cell tissue and so acts on the entire site of inflammation.

In this way, the immune system is activated: the body’s natural healing powers stimulated and the healing process accelerated.

Inserted into the nostrils, the low-level, narrow band red light technology helps alleviate sneezing, itching, blocked nose, headaches and teary eyes.


- CE marked Class IIa medical device

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