Handy Cure - Pain Relief LLLT Device

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Pain Relief LLLT Device

  • Cold Laser and Magnetic Field Combination
  • Relieves acute and chronic pain
  • Improve blood microcirculation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Non Invasive Therapeutic device


The Handy Cure is a hand-held portable laser device which is effective in alleviating pain.

The Handy Cure combines low level pulsed laser radiation, infrared light, and static magnetic fields to produce the energy which can cure acute and chronic pain.

The Handy Cure device is based on a unique synergy between low level laser technology (LLLT), which is a safe technology. Low level pulse laser radiation, infrared radiation, visible red light and magnetic fields are combined together to deliver fast and efficient pain relief.
This unit has been designed specifically for home use, with a battery life which can last up to 18 hours in a single charge.

The Handy Cure can be used alone or in conjunction with other medical treatments.



While using the device, one will notice a reduced need to take analgesics and anti-inflammatories, due to a lessening in symptoms. As such, fewer visits to chiropractors and other practitioners would be needed. Thus, investing in the Handy Cure is a great solution for promoting your health and relieving your pain.
Handy Cure can effectively treat the following conditions: Osteoarthritis, scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis, whiplash injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, muscle and ligament sprains, back pain, migraines and more.


The Handy Cure is a non-invasive treatment, which has no side effects if used according to the user manual, and has been certified as safe for home usage. Using Handy Cure will improve microcirculation which removes toxic waste and increases oxygen supply to the area being treated. This treatment speeds up cell tissue repair and stimulates the immune system.




The Handy Cure device has proven its success in cases which had previously been considered non-treatable, for instance in elderly patients or those suffering from long term illnesses.


The Handy Cure is particularly effective when used on inflamed cell tissue. When tissues become inflamed, a reduction in the microcirculation appears, which alters the quantity of blood reaching the cells. This results in ischemic injury, and theHandy Cure increases the cell energy (ATP), increases the treated area microcirculation and works to shorten the episode of this injury reducing the course of the disease, and thus eliminating the pain.


The Handy Cure has three treatment programs,and each program uses different pulse frequencies which alter the laser lights’ depth of penetration. Changing programs is as simple as pushing a button.

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